10 Fun Facts About Bettas

Since we’re all Betta lovers here, we thought it’d be fun to share some of the most interesting facts we’ve learned about the species! So sit tight, grab your notebook and let’s discuss:

  1. There are over 70 types of Betta fish to choose from
  2. While they seem to just swim around, Bettas are actually very intelligent and can be trained to do tricks
  3. All species of Betta fish have what is called a labyrinth organ located in their gill area. This means they can breath oxygen from the surface of their tank and from the water with their gills.
  4. Bettas are known for being very aggressive towards each other, so males should never be in the same tank as another betta. However, females are not as aggressive, and can habitat together in the same tank.
  5. The average lifespan of a Betta is about 2-3 years, although some have been known to live twice that!
  6. Male bettas are the more attractive of the sexes with their beautiful colors and long tails. Females are more dull colored
  7. Wild bettas are naturally slightly more dull than the one you see at home to help camouflage them in from predators.
  8. Bettas have upturned mouths, which allows them to eat from the water’s surface easily
  9. Feeding your betta in small meals per day is extremely important because they can easily overeat and become overweight (silly, fish!)
  10. The fins on your fish friend have muscles, nerves and even taste buds to help them control what may get caught in their fins.

What’s your favorite fact about your pet betta?

Photo by: @the_hannah_story on Instagram

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