The best betta fish owner Facebook groups to join

You know we love sharing tips and great betta photos on Facebook, but we’re not the only ones! One of the best parts of social media, is finding like-minded people to connect with and share tips and tricks. All of our favorite pages are for beginner and advanced betta owners alike but, they each have their owner unique niches:

Betta Fish Keepers

Betta Fish Keepers is a great resource to share what current pets you already have. A lot of conversation around health and wellness of bettas happens here!

Betta Fish Geeks

This page is awesome for utilizing specific days to either sell or ask questions. They have 1 day per week for sales opportunities and cross promotion of other groups you’re apart of. That being said, several questions and conversations happen outside of themed days to help elevate your fish’s life.

Betta Fish Enthusiasts

As a group that specifically asks for no sales, this is a group that will allow you to confide in it’s members to aid in your fish’s wellbeing. Although their rules are strict, it is meant to allow for more a positive atmosphere. Conversations of all sizes happen from treating a sickness to sharing creative photos of members’ pets.  

A Betta Community

This is definitely one of the more inclusive groups to join. A positive community with a staff on hand to answer questions and create themed threads with the occasional contest is the perfect space for pet owners. A Betta Community only allows fish sales on Thursdays every week, but plant sales anyday, which is one of the more unique rules for these types of groups.

Are you apart of any of these groups or others? Let us know what you find most helpful about supporting Facebook groups.

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