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The Top 3 Most Common Betta Colors

Bettas are a common household pet, and come in a lot of different patterns and colors (and don’t get us started on tail types, we’d be here all day!) While each fish, like most animals, is unique in its own way; there’s a few distinct betta colors you’ll likely see most often. The top 3 …

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Why Betta Colors May Change Over Time

As a betta owner (or soon-to-be owner) we’ve seen our fish change color over time. Have you ever wondered why? It could be a matter of things, some negative but mostly positive changes to your buddy! The top 3 reasons your betta may change color: Change in climate: if the temperature they were traveling or …

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How Warm Does Your Tank Need To Be?

It’s no secret that bettas are very sensitive to water temperature. This is partially why we always recommend having a thermometer, and slowly adding your betta to any water when changing them (from out of the tank to a temporary tank, and then back into their clean one). Ideally, your fish friend is most comfortable …

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How We Ship Our Live Fish

Shipping Betta

It’s an interesting concept, the idea of shipping live fish. When we started GoBetta, our passion for connecting people with this beautiful creature lead us to invest in only the most comfortable transportation methods for our friends. Here’s how we ship our live fish: We do store our Betta’s in a large aerated retail system …

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