Adding a Betta to your Aquarium

  1. Fill the aquarium with dechlorinated, room temperature water. Depending on the room temperature you may need to add a heater to your Betta habitat to keep the water temperature in the proper safe range.
  2. Allow the water in your Betta cup to equal room temperate prior to placing it into the aquarium. Use a net to carefully remove your Betta fish and release it into the aquarium.

Diet & Feeding

  1. Feed a well-balanced Betta pellet diet, and supplement with freeze dried bloodworms or frozen foods for variety.
  2. Feed sparingly, 2-5 pellets once daily, and no more than fish can eat in 1 to 2 minutes; overfeeding and uneaten food can foul the water.

Water Changes

  1. For small aquariums (under 5 gallons) change no more than 50% of the water once weekly. In larger filtered aquariums, change 25% of the water every 2 to 4 weeks. Adding filtration to your Betta habitat will help to keep the water cleaner and reduce the frequency of water changes needed.
  2. Fill your Betta cup with aquarium water, and carefully net your Betta Fish and place it in the cup.
  3. Use a small aquarium siphon to easily remove water from the aquarium. Rinse any plants and décor with tap water, leaving the gravel in the aquarium. Do not rinse the gravel with tap water. Note: Do not clean the aquarium or decorations with soaps or detergents.
  4. Add fresh water. Make sure that the new water being added is dechlorinated and the temperature matches the water in the aquarium. We recommend Elive Betta Water, which is pre-conditioned for your Betta Fish.
  5. Carefully net your Betta Fish out of the Betta cup and return it to your aquarium.