Why Betta Colors May Change Over Time

As a betta owner (or soon-to-be owner) we’ve seen our fish change color over time. Have you ever wondered why? It could be a matter of things, some negative but mostly positive changes to your buddy!

The top 3 reasons your betta may change color:

  1. Change in climate: if the temperature they were traveling or living in is slightly different than their regular living conditions may cause a change in color. It’s nothing to be alarmed about, they’ll even out!
  2. Maturity: when you get a baby betta, it’s very common for them to change color as they mature. This is one of the most beautiful things you can witness as an owner
  3. Marble Coloration: this is a condition that is not associated with illness that allows your betta to change multiple colors over their lifetime.

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Photo by: @sliced_betta on Instagram

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