The Top 3 Most Common Betta Colors

Bettas are a common household pet, and come in a lot of different patterns and colors (and don’t get us started on tail types, we’d be here all day!) While each fish, like most animals, is unique in its own way; there’s a few distinct betta colors you’ll likely see most often.

The top 3 betta colors you’ll find:

  1. Red: this is the most common color you’ll find in bettas because it’s their dominant feature. Even if your betta turns colors, you may find that he is red at some point in his life, especially in Koi bettas.
    Photo by: @sarockstar on Instagram

  2. Blue: these types of bettas range from a grayish blue, to steel to a bright royal blue all over their bodies. Because of the range of the color blue you can define from a betta, it makes them a very popular and easy color to find.
    GoBetta.comPhoto by: @spike_the_betta on Instagram
  3. Bi-color: This ranges from a distinct color on the fins and body to spots throughout and even streaks in their tail. Colors are generally high pigment and complementary to each other, making them a very beautiful combination.
    GoBetta.comPhoto by: @johnnyeatszombies on Instagram

Tell us, do you believe our top colors list? What color do you see most often? Let us know on our latest Instagram post.


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