What are Marimo Moss Balls?

Last week, you saw we added new products to our page (including “what you see is what you get” Fish!) and marimo moss balls were part of the newness! But what are they? And how do they benefit your betta? Let’s break it down:

What are marimo moss balls?

These green balls are a type of green algae that is very common in lakes in the northern hemisphere. Here’s a fun fact: “Marimo” is the Japanese name for “Cladophora ball”. They do grow, and quite quickly at about 5cm per year (almost 2 inches!). When taking care of them, it’s helpful to turn them over every once in a while so they maintain their pretty round shape. They’re also visually easy to manage- they may turn brown if they get too warm or in direct sunlight for too long and just like with other house plants, will generally return to their green shade once moved.

How are they beneficial for my Betta?

  1. They’re a natural filter! It’s still important to clean your fish tank often, but marimo moss balls allow filtration against nitrates and phosphates (which is extremely normal development in fish tanks).
  2. Level out oxygen in the tank. Just like humans, fish need oxygen and real plants within their tank help keep them nice and comfortable in their home!
  3. Very low maintenance. This cute plant can harbor in almost any tank situation- salt, freshwater, other plants, other fish, etc. They are nearly impossible to kill and provide a healthy living situation for its fish friends!

*feature photo by @a_little_fishies_journey on Instagram




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