Do You Need a Filter For Your Tank?

As a new betta owner, it can be overwhelming to determine what items you need for your tank. The number one rule of thumb is to always watch out for your betta’s health and their personal preferences. Just like any pet, each betta will be slightly different.

Starting with the basics, bettas can adapt to most environments, in the wild they adapt to very green based and tight quarters near rice paddies. That being said, it’s advised that your pet has a permanent home of at least 2.5 gallon tank and the opportunity to get to the surface of the water quickly and efficiently to get oxygen and air.

So, do you truly need a filter? If you have the correct filter for your tank, it’s extremely beneficial for the overall wellness of your betta. There are a few different types:

Canister Filters: these are external filters that move water through tubing in and out of the aquarium.

Power Filters: either hang on the back or are fully submersible inside the tank.

Air Operated Sponge Filters: gather items through a sponge inside the tank and operated through an air filter outside of the tank.

You can see the filters that we offer here.

Here are a few tips we recommend when adding a filter to your tank:

  1. Consistently clean your filter based on the recommendations of the type you receive. Generally every 3-6 weeks is perfect.
  2. Make sure to check out the type of tank you have and research what filters will best serve it. For example, water flow is very important to the wellbeing of a betta, if your filter is too strong for a smaller tank- it will create too large of a current and possibly suck your betta into the fitler.
  3. Make sure the temperature is not drastically changed by the filtration you choose. Maintaining a standard temperature for the tank is more important than the filtration since you can manually clean the tank at any time.

Being a betta owner is very fulfilling, and it’s appreciated when you take the steps to ensure their tank is always a happy place for them!

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