How We Ship Our Live Fish

It’s an interesting concept, the idea of shipping live fish. When we started GoBetta, our passion for connecting people with this beautiful creature lead us to invest in only the most comfortable transportation methods for our friends. Here’s how we ship our live fish:

  1. We do store our Betta’s in a large aerated retail system before they are shipped, however, we order fish weekly to cut down on the time they are in a warehouse.
  2. On staff we have a group of auquartists that make sure the fish are fed daily with pallets and freeze dried foods and to ensure air supply in the space. All water is cleaned weekly to maintain optimal chemistry for the Bettas.
  3. Once a fish is selected for purchase, the Betta is bagged in fresh water with air and secured with a rubber band.
  4. We use styrofoam shipping boxes and packing paper to keep fish safe and comfortable during transit. Based on the journey ahead, we either add heat or cold packs to the box as well.

To ensure the most efficient processes, we ship on Tuesdays and prepare all orders that are placed before the previous Thursday the week before. Transit time takes 1-3 business days. Once you receive your fish friend, we’ve laid out all of the important details for you on this blog post!

It is important to note, while we thoroughly enjoy partnering customers with their dream Betta, we will pull shipping dates for any weather or transit related concerns for the good of the fish. Over the holidays, with the increased shipping delays, we shut down shipping options until we could be sure the fish would be comfortable during transit. We will always communicate these delays with you on our Facebook Page and blog!

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