Top 10 Funniest Names for Betta Fish

Getting any sort of pet for your home is an intimate experience, and picking their name is no exception. It may take some time to learn the personality of your betta before picking a name, and we’re hoping some of these funny names will help you out.

  1. Sushi because we all know he’s not dinner
  2. Bubbles, the ironic name because betta fish actually get their oxygen from the surface of water vs fins
  3. Fin because he, well, has fins
  4. Jumper if you are lucky enough to have a pet that doesn’t need to be taught (but does need a top on his bowl)
  5. Killer due to the origin of the betta
  6. Any variation of your favorite movies: Rocky, Wonder Woman, Batman
  7. Patrick for any Spongebob Squarepants fans out there
  8. The color they started out as when you bought them: Blue, Red, White. Add an even more intimate experience as you see their colors change (link to post about color change once it’s done) and always know what they started as!
  9. Buffy if your betta loves blood worms
  10. Any natural personality type you notice about them: Lazy, Sleepy, Flash, Shadows

What is your betta’s name and how did you come up with it? Let us know on our latest Instagram post.

Photo credit: @armin_van_betta on Instagram

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