How To Train Your Betta To Do Tricks

Bettas are just like any other household pet; they need to be fed and stimulated so as to  not get bored in their environment. You may think that a betta enjoys swimming around his tank everyday, and while he does, a great way to continue to bond with him is to teach him tricks!

What is a logical trick to teach a betta?

Let’s be honest, he isn’t going to fetch a ball in the backyard, but there are a few tricks that are proven to stimulate and excite our betta buddies!

  1. Follow the finger: Start by introducing blood worms, or another great treat, to your betta when you’re ready to train. Once he understand that it’s a treat and enjoy them, you will want to start by having him follow the treat across the tank and give it to him at the end. Eventually, you’ll be able to drag your finger across the tank without a treat!
  2. Flaring: This can be used as a trick or a game for your betta. As a game, you can simply bring a small mirror to the tank where your betta can see himself. Since he doesn’t know what he looks like, he’ll think it’s another male! He’ll flare up beautifully and try to “play” with his reflection. It’s important not to do this too often, or for too long as he may get distressed with excessive use of this trick.
  3. Jumping: Once you establish following your finger, you can use the same treat technique to teach your betta to jump. Starting with baby steps, giving him a treat at the tank’s surface. Slowly but surely, start bring the treat further away from the surface until he jumps!

Have you ever tried teaching your betta a trick? Let us know what worked, and didn’t work for them below!


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