How Warm Does Your Tank Need To Be?

It’s no secret that bettas are very sensitive to water temperature. This is partially why we always recommend having a thermometer, and slowly adding your betta to any water when changing them (from out of the tank to a temporary tank, and then back into their clean one).

Ideally, your fish friend is most comfortable in a tank that is between 78-80 degrees fahrenheit (don’t we all? Hello summer days!), but the tank should never drop below 75 degree fahrenheit. When the water drops too low, you’ll notice that your betta may act sluggish and move slowly- and behind-the-scenes you’re actually lowering their immune system with this tactic.

Conversely, if the water is too hot, you can see the same symptoms, which is why having a heater and thermometer is so important. The type of heater you need depends on the size tank you have for your betta. The smaller the tank, the lower wattage you need.

Getting in the habit of checking the water temperature everyday when you feed your betta may be the best option, as to not go too long if there is a spike or drop in temperature. Don’t worry! Small fluctuations are normal, and your betta is a strong little guy! As long as it’s caught quickly, they can recover quickly if you accidentally end up on either side of the comfort range.

Something we’re extremely proud of, is being able to help you not only find the perfect betta for your home, but help you every step of the way. Now that you know the basics on how warm your tank should be, and what you need; here’s how to acclimate your tank.

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